How I knew he was THE ONE

Whenever anyone asks me about how the hubby and I met, I always cringe a little bit. I try to justIMG_1838 leave it as ‘We met online’, but then they want to know if we met on a dating site so I have to go into details. So as cheesy as it sounds.. We met on MySpace. (did you know that MySpace is still around?!)

Now if you want to know some of the specific details of our meeting, you can read the post titled, ‘How my dream became a reality.’  One thing I never mention is how I KNEW that hubby was THE ONE. It’s actually a very private and personal story and I don’t share it but I’ll do my best to give you the low down without getting too deep.

FACT: Carlo and I went on 3 days in 3 weeks time when we decided to become “boyfriend/girlfriend”. 

Yes, that is true. 3 weeks and 3 dates. He says he knew on our first date that we would be together. I needed a bit more convincing. I wasn’t even attracted to him nor was I looking for anyone. I had decided not to focus on finding a man but just to have fun. Start doing all of the things I said I would do. Travel with my bestie, live on my own, maybe take class and learn a new hobby. Then he shows up and totally changed my plans!

FACT: He was the only boy man that I had hung out with that had a real grown up job.

This is was a big one for me. You know how many boys I knew that didn’t have “real” jobs?! Students, Delivery boy, Gym recruiter, Unemployed… yeah… those are exactly the type of boys I want to marry. Carlo shows up all grown up with an education, military background and a secure job. Yay!

FACT: He genuinely had an interest in my family and friends.

I don’t ever, ever remember anyone (not even some of my gal pals), taking an interest in my family and other friends. Anyway we spoke, he always asked how my parents were, if anything interesting happened to anyone. It was wonderful to find someone who really cared.

FACT: He actively listened and was interested in real conversation.

Our third date was to the museum. How often does a guy do that?! It was so refreshing doing adults activities. Talking art, music, culture is what you do in your late 20’s. Once we got engaged, we knew we had to make sure what we were getting into. After all, he was only in the States for a couple of years. Eventually he would have to leave. We spent every night talking, crying, and pouring our hearts out making sure this was real. If we got married, there was NO looking back. He has promised to take care of me and do everything to make me and keep me happy.

IMG_1428I knew when we got married that I loved him. It as like movie love. The thought of not being with him made me cry. I didn’t like thinking that. I still don’t. I have no idea how it’s possible, but I love him more today than I did 8 years ago. He’s my perfect match. He has kept his promise and has made me happy in ways I never thought.  To my chubby hubby.. Happy Anniversary! 5/26/07….. forever yours.

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