Giro del Gelato: Latteria Ugolini



A while back, I started receiving likes on several of my Instagram photos from a place called Latteria Ugolini. I had never heard of them before and once I saw they were a self service gelateria, I knew I had to try it out.  The location is very small so on a hot summers day, it might be too craIMG_1584mped and crowded to navigate your way through. The flow is one way so you’d have to move quickly.

The cups are huge so that you have plenty of space to add your toppings but you can also choose a cone or waffle cup. The gelato is soft serve and they don’t have a lot of flavours, just your basics but the choice of toppings are plentiful. From sprinkles & nuts to fresh fruits & syrups.  Latteria Ugolini is the perfect place for kids and I will definitely bring the girls here. Just be careful! The price is based on weight so if the kids go crazy… it’ll cost ya!

*they also had some delicious looking granita that I need to try!


Latteria Ugolini Torino

Via Giolitti 3/b

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