Mani party invites

This week is going to be a busy one for me. I’m planning a Manicure party for my 5yr old. We decided on this theme after we narrowed down our choices for party locations.

While our ideal would have been outdoors at the park or Gelato farm, we know that springtime in Torino means RAIN and lots of it. We thought about a party at the movie theater but that means Baby C would probably freak out and we’d have to walk with her in the hallway. So we thought it would be fun to invite just the girls from her class from school and church and have a Manicure party. They’re all such girly girls and it would be a great opportunity for me to get some quality time with these Italian mammas!

IMG_1155I saw a couple of ideas on Pinterest and thought these cute nail polish invites would work perfectly. I played around with different designs and picked this simple 5 on the bottle. I brushed glue, added the glitter and wrote her name at the bottom. The actual invite is glued to the back.

I didn’t want a Spa party but it needed to be more than just girls playing with toys and stuff. I’ve got a good size collection of polish and Miss V has her own set so I thought I would set up a little nail bar with her polish so the girls could do their own nails and save the “good stuff” for the adults.

Since this is a NO BOYS ALLOWED party, I also thought a Tea party style buffet would be super cute. The more I thought about it, the more elaborate I was getting. Flavored waters, tea sandwiches, cookies etc…  It’s beginning to be more work than I wanted. This week, I finalized the menu and I’m really excited for the big day!

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