Chocolate Kisses

Happy World Nutella Day!!!

I just whipped up a batch of chocolate kisses and I may have found my new favorite go-to treat.
These are super simple and quick. I found this recipe in a Nutella cookbook that I bought years ago. After the first batch I took a minute or two off the baking time and they came out better but it’s all up to you and your oven.
Baci al cioccolato (Chocolate kisses)
120 g sugar
15g cocoa powder
100g flour
3 eggs
powdered  sugar
Beat the eggs and sugar until well mixed. Add the flour and cocoa.
Line cookie sheet with parchment paper a drop small spoonful of batter. (they will spread a lot)
Bake at 190c/375f for 8-10 minutes.
Let cool. Take cookie and spread a spoonful of Nutella top with a second cookie. Place on a plate and sprinkle powdered sugar.
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