I can’t get DEPORTED…

This gentle reminder from my mom. She’s so funny. I sometimes forget how hilarious she can be.

5 years ago, I arrived in Italy. Carlo and I went through the necessary channels and a few months after my arrival I received my Resident Permit. (read about it here)

Fast forward to 2012, a mother to 2 girls, I applied for citizenship. It wasn’t that difficult of a process but it was a bit time consuming. I am extremely lucky for my situation.  A lot of expats go through a tedious process and longer wait time. Each case is different and every city/region has their own rules. In the end, all applications are sent to Rome and the wait time feels like an eternity. In reality, your situation determines how long it will take to process.

Last month, my wait was over. I received a call from the Anagrafe Centrale (office of vital statistics). My application was approved and ready to be finalized.  Carlo and I went in the following week and after waiting for hours, we were finally able to make the most important and last appointment needed.

On Wednesday, February 19, 2014, I recited my oath and was granted citizenship effective on the 20th.

after reciting the oath I was given a copy of the constitution
So, blog readers (is there anyone left?) I am now a citizen of the Republic of Italy. I have dual citizenship like my daughters and I now have rights and privileges. I can work without fear of being turned down because of my status. I can’t get deported! I can stay here forever!

I would like to share with you the National Anthem of my new country… and of course it’s only appropriate that I share this particular version.

The National Anthem of Italy- sung during the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy!

2 thoughts on “I can’t get DEPORTED…

  1. Hi there, I stumbled across your blog while looking for more information on living in Turin as an expat. I am 4,5 months pregnant and new in Turin, will be here for the next three years. Originally from Belgium but have lived in the USA, India and South Korea. Hope to get in touch with you. Thanks!


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