20 Random Facts

It’s taken me a while but I finally finished one of the prompts for “30 things I want my kids to know about me”

So these are 20 random facts about me:

  • I love wearing make-up and I actually learned Italian watching make up tutorials. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to wear much these days.
  • I am ALLERGIC to Humidity. It’s true. I found out in 2004 while on vacation in Hawaii. If I get too hot and it’s humid, my skin breaks out in a heat rash and I get hives. It’s always worse when I’m near water. The only solution is to stay cool, in the shade and hope that Zyrtec works!
  • I love the snow. I love to sit and watch it fall. I love how the city is silent when it snows.
  • I tend to take too many pictures. I’m always trying to make sure I get a good shot but end up taking like 50 to get it.
  • I love music.  All kinds of music. I need to have it on all of the time, even if I can’t hear it while I shower or dry my hair. It still has to be on.
  • Chocoholic. I can’t and will never get enough. Dark Chocoalte is my fav!
  • It’s taken me a long time, but I am finally learning to enjoy reading.
  • I love crafting. I have a box of yarn, tule, glue etc… and half finished project. One day, I’ll actually finish everything!
  • I have a collection of shoes and purses. At first it was just a few but then it just got too big and I had to give a few things away when we moved to Italy. The funkier the purse the better. The brighter the shoe, the more fun I have wearing it it. I have to rotate them in my wardrobe because I don’t have any room for all of them.
  • I enjoy being under pressure. I love having the stress of finishing something and not having a lot of time. It pushes me to be more creative, and I know it’s mostly because I miss the stress of having a high pressure job.
  • I used to put hemorrhoid cream on my mosquito bites. It helps with the swelling!
  • I can’t swim. I never learned. When I was little, I almost drowned twice in the same day.. you’d think I would have learned after that!
  • I used to be in a singing and dancing group called Sunshine Generation. We performed at malls or town festivals.
  • One of my first jobs was in the Candy Dept. of ZCMI. (one of the earliest dept. stores in the Sates) They say if you work in food service, you tend to get tired of that particular item. Not me…. I still love candy!
  • I am a messy person by nature… but that only applies to personal space like my bedroom. I prefer to call it an Organized Mess. Meaning I know exactly where everything is, even if it just look like piles of crap, I know if something is missing or has been moved.
  • I used to play the Clarinet. I started in the 6th grade and played until my HS Graduation. I do miss it sometimes and wish I would have continued to play.
  • I secretly (or maybe not so secretly) wanted to play the guitar. My brothers’ had lessons and I don’t know why I never spoke up and asked for lessons too.
  • I love to walk. It is without a doubt, my favorite form of exercise. Before I got married and moved, I would walk at the Katy Trail in Dallas everyday afterwork. Usually walking between 2-7 miles a day. Depending on my mood.
  • When I was little, we always went on summer vacations. My dad was a truck driver so we always had car trips to these small cities. Instead of going to Disneyland, we went to places like Pampa and Beeville.  So even though we didn’t go to any “cool” places, I did develop a love of Travel.
  • In HS, we had a friend live with us to finish off her Senior Year. Her family had moved to Utah so she moved in with us. She worked at Pizza Hut and EVERY. SINGLE. DAY, she would bring home leftoevers from the buffet, or wrong orders. My brothers and I seriously had Pizza, pasta, etc… for every meal. It was awesome until after she graduated and we realized we missed “real food”.

*we used to complain to my mom that she never made “real food” like hot dogs, pizza, meatloaf etc…So when the pizza stopped, we asked her for real food. she asked what “real food” was. we answered back with: tortillas, beans, rice, etc…

One thought on “20 Random Facts

  1. Shout out to the Sunshine Generation! I can't believe you said that. I've been laughing uncontrollably about it. Oh the brown and yellow dresses. Thanks for the great nostalgic memory. You are quite the interesting person. Your blog is by far a favorite of mine because you are so interesting and funny!


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