Party for 2!

Since Carlotta was born 3 days after Betty’s first birthday, I decided to wait until April and have Valentina’s and Betty’s party on the same day. It just made more sense that way. I tried to prepare in advance but I was just too tired and by the time the party was just a few weeks away, I was in a mad rush to get things planned out.

last minute menu planning
The week of the party, I hadn’t even finalised the menu and I couldn’t decide what I wanted to serve. I pulled out last year’s menu and my trusty Better Homes and Garden cookbook. I knew I wanted to make things easy for me so, it was a lot of prepare ahead type of dishes. I just didn’t know exactly what I wanted to make.
party invite
My mom had brought some cupcake plates and napkins and I found this wallpaper to use for the invites so, I went with cupcakes for this year’s theme. (did I mention my parents were here for 70 DAYS!?!- that’s another post)
We invited our usual company but this year, I wanted Valentina to have some friends over as well. We always invite her friend Agustin but we got an email saying he was going to miss most of it so, I wanted to make sure she had some friends to play with. Valentina is now at the age where she remembers things and I did not want her to be sad because she didn’t have friends to play with at her party. Betty is still too young to even care but we’ll make sure that she gets to invite her friends when she’s 3.
The week of the party, I am usually busy cleaning and preparing the food the day before. In an attempt to get Valentina from fighting with Betty, I had her come help me with the Corn Dog Muffins. While we made them she said, “I’m so lucky!” I asked her why. She simply smiled and pointed at me. It was a wonderful mother-daughter moment. I replied back.. “no baby, I’m so lucky!”
corn dog muffins
As always, I’m trying to be all cool and super mom that I tried to make my own Edible Glitter. (aka colored sugar crystals). It sooo didn’t work for me!!
colored sugar

The night before the party, I started decoration the house with our usual banner and balloons.

I even let Valentina have a preview of the cupcakes she would be eating during her party. It looked like a mini Boston Cream Pie. Instead of frosting the cupcake, I just slathered some Nutella on top. Oh man.. it was YUMMY!!

Super awesome Auntie Jilly came from France to attend the party. It was her first time to see Carlotta in person! (Jill was in town the weekend I was due and was on her way back to Paris when I delievered)
The Menu:
Cowboy Caviar
Spinach Artichoke Dip
Veggie tray w/homemade Blue Cheese & Ranch Dressing
Corn Dog Muffins
Fruit Salad

Valentina was having a nice time until her friends from church arrived. Beatrice and Valentina are in Nursery together and Francesca is Bea’s sister. These girls were beyond excited to see each other outside of church. The sheer cuteness was too much for me to handle and I wanted to cry because they were SO freakin’ excited!! I’m talking.. almost peeing yourself excited!

I initially wanted to make cupcakes and then a super cool number 3 cake (from Pinterest of course) but then reality hit and I didn’t want to make the extra effort. So I just make vanilla and chocolate cupcakes instead.

While, we had been practicing singing “Happy Birthday” for months now, when it came time to the live show, Betty was a bit freaked out. I managed to get her facing forward again and helped her blow out her candle.

Valentina got really shy and Carlo had to carry her. She didn’t want any one to sing to her and covered her ears. (She also threw a tiny fit on Sunday because she didn’t want to be sung to!)

In the end, the party was a hit! Everyone loved the food and the cupcakes.  We were really grateful to everyone that came. A few new friends were made and hopefully some new clients for Michelle too!

2 thoughts on “Party for 2!

  1. Hi Sonia! So it's called Cowboy Caviar! That was sooooo good- I'm going to make it myself at home- thanks for the recipe. The party was fun 🙂


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