Carlotta Rose: The Birth Story

Our 3rd and {hopefully} last child. Not that I’m opposed to having more children. I would like to have more. If..

We had more space.
We had money.
We were a bit younger.

I have 3 kids age of 3 and under. Hmmm. Let that sink in a bit. Yeah. So, I’m done. Factory is closed.

Now.. Let’s begin. I mentioned my 40 week check up. That evening, I lost part of my mucous plug. I thought for sure I would be going into labor but it didn’t happen which was a good thing because the next day was Elisabetta’s birthday. I really didn’t want to be in the hospital on her birthday. Over the weekend, I had no contractions but was slowly losing more of my mucous plug. On Sunday night {the 24th} I lost more mucous but slight, very mild contractions had begun. At 3:30 am {Monday, 25th} labor had officially started with contractions every 15 minutes. They were mild, but strong enough to wake me up and keep me from sleeping. I was up walking, eating and sending emails to my siblings to let them know that it might be time. At 5:30 am, I decided to take a shower and hope that the hot water would help my lower back pain. During this time, I had already let Carlo know that he was not going into work. At 7:30, I decided to try to get some rest and I went back to bed. 2 hours later, I woke up and my contractions had stop.. almost completely. I was not happy. I was already 4 days late and I made my husband stay home. Why the heck did they stop?

I had plans to meet up with friends but cancelled since I was in labor. Since my contractions had stopped, Jill & Flo came by anyway to say goodbye. {They were in town for the weekend and were leaving back to France, Monday evening} After they left, I started to prepare lunch and at 1:30, my contractions started back again. This time about every 10-15 minutes. They started to become regular and then of course stopped. It was very frustrating but anytime I had one, it was getting stronger. I had already told my parents that I would leave for the hospital when my contractions make me cry. That way, I would know that I wouldn’t have to wait too much at the hospital. At 5:15 pm, I told Carlo it was time and we called the cab to take us to the hospital. In the 2 minutes it takes to get there, I received a text from Jill who was at the airport. I updated her quickly and by the time, I put my phone away, we were already at the hospital.

We walked into the ER and went to Triage. Got my paper work and walked up to the 3rd floor. It’s now around 5:30 pm and we waited until they called me into the exam room. After answering all of the multiple questions {again- same as my 40 week check up}, I was examined and I was at 3cm. I really thought I was at least at a 5 but oh well. I changed into my night gown and robe and was taken to the Sala Tracciati. I was strapped and we begun another Fetal Heart Monitor. I think I was monitored for about 20 minutes. Then I got an EKG done. By the time it was all done and Carlo was able to come back into the room it was 7pm. I told him to go downstairs to the Bar and get something to eat. I had noticed that they closed at 8pm and just incase we’d be there all night, I didn’t want him to go hungry.

He said he was ok but I insisted. My contractions were still 10 minutes apart so there was time for him to go and come back. As he left, I got my belongings together and got comfortable. I even took some pictures! A nurse also came in during this time and put in a Hep-Lock but I didn’t receive any IV meds. {yet}

So, the bed on the right side of the picture was mine and this was my room until the following day {if you read my 40 week post, then you’ll remember how I mentioned that they were out of beds a few days ago. Same situation when I showed up.. 4 days later.}

This room, the Sala Tracciati, is where all women get the Fetal Heart Monitors done. Usually sitting in those uncomfortable lounge chairs. They are old and not sturdy at all. Slight movements cause the chair to recline back making it hard for you to sit still.

Carlo came back and ate his lunch in the waiting area while I sat alone with my contractions. This time, they were about every 7 minutes but still tolerable. Once he was done, he came into the room and sat with me and we talked for a while. I told him I was going to the bathroom and I would be right back. I didn’t need help so he stayed behind. As I made my way, I began to have stronger contractions. I reached the bathroom and had a couple of contractions the few minutes I was there. As I made my way back down the hallway, I was having a harder time walking back. I saw Carlo in the hallway and he said that they had brought my dinner and it was waiting for me. Also, they had put another lady in the room and he was going to sit in the waiting area. He wanted me to call him when I was done eating.
I went back into my room and said hello to the lady. I began to sit and eat my food. Minestra with non seasoned broth totally hits the spot! {Minestra = small pasta like Stars in broth} I tried to eat more but my contractions were stronger and coming faster so, I stayed standing and was breathing through each one. Every time I tried to sit, I had to stand up immediately. I managed to get through a few before I got really hot. I walked over to the window, opened it and stuck my head out.. at the same time I was practically crying and almost screaming in pain. I felt really bad for the other lady because she kept walking out during my labor but I also didn’t really care. I was trying my hardest to keep breathing deeply and not lose control. I know I was screaming but not the “horror movie/what you see on tv” kind of scream. This was the “I’m in pain but I know how to handle it”. A doctor came in and asked how I was doing. I told him that my contractions were every minute and they very strong. He walked out and then a few minutes later another Dr. came in and asked me the same thing. I told her the same and she walked out. At this point, I am now rocking/bouncing up and down doing the “pee dance” and literally holding myself down there because I now have the urge to pee. I’m not sure if I have to pee or if it’s my water breaking so I try to hold it in.
I slowly walk towards my bed and that’s when Carlo comes in and says, “How come you didn’t come get me when you were done eating?” I kinda laughed and replied, “Well, I never finished my food and I can barely walk to my bed. How am I supposed to go and get you?” He asked how I was and again, I repeated my little speech. He asked why I didn’t call for help and I told him that 2 Drs already came and  left but didn’t say anything. As I got on the bed, I told him to call someone because I really felt like I had to pee and my contractions are not stopping. He poked his head out the door and found 2 other Drs to come in and check me out. They came in all calm and asked what’s going on. Explaining for the 4th time, they said I needed to calm down a bit and take deep breaths.. which I was but at this point my body was shaking and I was trying to control the shakes plus not pee everywhere. I told Carlo I had to pee. He told them, and then told me to go ahead. I tried but nothing happened. Then all of a sudden, I felt like I need to go #2. I told Carlo, he again told them I what I said. The 2 Drs looked at each other and said they wanted to check me real quick.
This is where the real fun began! One Dr. left the room and the other one said, “What’s your name?” Sonia? My name is Simona. DON’T PUSH!! The baby’s head is already coming out.” At the point, everything started to get blurry because of the mad rush but I know that Dr. Simona got off the bed, opened the door and unlocked the brake on my bed. The other Dr plus the 2nd Dr from earlier came in and Dr. Simona said, “We don’t have time to move her into a chair. The head’s coming out now.” Dr. Simona kept telling me to breath and not push. I was then wheeled away, in my bed, out of the Sala Tracciati and past ALL OF THE VISITORS THAT WERE LINED UP IN THE HALLWAY {yes.. it was visiting hours! hooray for them! they got a show!} I heard some whispers but didn’t care because I was too busy saying, “I can feel the baby coming. I’m not pushing.” The doors open and I’m in the Delivery area. A Pediatrician and a nurse come out, someone else is unlocking the door and turning the lights on. I get into the actual Delivery room and I turn to see Dr. Simona getting her smock on, gloves and goggles. She sits on my bed, tells me to lift up my butt so that she can put a bed liner underneath me. I turn my head quickly to see Carlo drop everything, still wearing his jacket and putting a smock on while reaching for the camera. As soon as Dr. Simona puts the bed liner on the bed, she pushes my legs apart and says one word. “PUSH”.
4 small pushes and “Charlie” came out. She said, “Eccolo!” meaning “There he is!” I said, “It’s a boy?” as I looked to Carlo. He said he couldn’t see and that’s when Dr. Simona turned “Charlie” over and said it was a girl. It’s now 7:58 pm and my 3rd daughter Carlotta Rose has joined our family. They placed her on my chest and she was so tiny. Weighing at 2,69 kg (5.6lbs) which isn’t surprising considering I only gained 3kg (6.6 lbs) during my pregnancy. All of the sonograms revealed that she would be small.  Since she was small, I didn’t need stitches this time and that was awesome! I recovered faster and felt great the next day. I don’t want to say that this was by far, the easiest delivery because Valentina’s was pain free and easy. Elisabetta’s hurt like crazy but Carlotta’s was definitely one that I won’t forget. It was so fast that I don’t think my mind had the chance to process how quickly everything was happening. Yes, I was in pain but nothing compared to Elisabetta’s birth.
Carlotta Rose
25 February, 2013

2 thoughts on “Carlotta Rose: The Birth Story

  1. so sweet! I can understand what you mean about three little kids, but you do make beautiful babies! Those Italian boys don't stand a chance! =) I'm so glad everything was alright.


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