On Friday, February 22nd, my little baby girl turned ONE YEAR OLD!!! Words can not describe how much we love her and what a joy and blessing she has been to our family. She has the cutest smile and is hilarious with her gestures. She’s definitely got daddy wrapped around her finger.

Since her birthday is/was the day after my due date, we didn’t play anything spectacular.. at least not yet. Carlo bought some pastries, I made some brownies and we ate them on her birthday after lunch. We also invited my MIL & SIL to join us. On her big day, she had her first taste of Nutella. First she tried it from a spoon and then we put some into her bottle. YUM!

Then she enjoyed her first brownie along with some Italian pastries. Of course we followed tradition and let the birthday girl have at it and she made a nice mess as she enjoyed her treat!

She’s almost walking on her own! She’s been doing well standing alone and unfortunately, I haven’t been able to help much since my prego belly has been weighing me down. Once my parents arrived, she’s was able to get the help she needed by her Dodo (my dad) and she’s been doing really good so far.

Here’s my traditional birth day/birthday photo. Elisabetta on the day she was born.. and one year later.

Happy Birthday Elisabetta Kate! 
We love you sooo much!
Mommy, Daddy and Valentina

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