40 weeks and still waiting..

40 weeks as of yesterday (Feb 21st) and still no sign of baby.

I went to the hospital for my check up and all is good.

Here’s how it went.

Left the house a little past 8am.

Slowly walked my way to the hospital in freezing temps with my hubby.

Went to get some paperwork done on the first floor and was told to go to the Third floor and wait to see if they’ll even examine me, then come back down. We were trying to be productive and not waste time. Obviously they (the people on the first floor registration) have no clue what they are doing because of course the Dr.s are going to check me… I’M AT 40 WEEKS AND NO BABY!!! It’s protocol!!

Go to the 3rd floor, and WAIT OVER 2 HOURS to be checked.

See staff run up and down the hallway and have others who arrived after me be attended to.
(they were more urgent than me. and came in through the ER – I understand. Carlo too but.. getting impatient)

Finally see Dr. No dilation. Amniotic Fluid good. Baby good.

Get dressed.

Carlo then leaves to go BACK DOWNSTAIRS to get me registered.

Have heart monitor strapped to my belly. OB tells me that she remembers us from last year.

Notice there are 2 ladies in the room with their babies and she tells me that they are so full that they are out of room and beds. 7 deliveries and 2 c-sections done that morning so far.

Baby asleep and I have to eat sugar to get him/her to move during the exam.

At 12 noon, I am done and waiting for instructions.

Carlo and I talk. Tells me that 2 ladies who had c-sections are being discharged early because of the lack of space. I mention what I know. We now hope this kid comes late!!

Orders, come back in 1 week if there is no progress. Then 3 days later if still nothing. The hospital prefers not to let you go past 10 days.

Here’s hoping Charlie is only a 2-3 days late.

4 thoughts on “40 weeks and still waiting..

  1. Wow, crazy! I cannot (1) imagine going full term (the closest I came was nine days early with Thomas, who was a scheduled c-section) or (2) the chaos at that hospital right now. I am sure you are ready for Charlie to come out, despite the madness at the hospital. Keep us updated, my friend. Love you!


  2. Ugh! I feel so bad for you. Just come out already!! 🙂 mainly just because newborn babies are so irresistable!! I'm slightly jealous! I will pray something happens soon.


  3. So, I just discovered your blog,
    wishing you and your newborn well.
    Also looking for a bit of info as we will be visiting Torino the end of this month and were trying to find where to attend the LDS church.

    Congrats on the new arrival.


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