Eli Kate: Month Eleven

Yup. That’s right. My little monkey is now Eleven months and this is the first update I’ve done since month Six! I can’t believe I went 5 months without an update on her. I feel like a bad mom. She’s already being treated as the middle child and she’s still the baby.

I promise to make it up to her one day. But for now, I’ll give you the low down.

She’s got 6 teeth and I’ve been waiting for these other ones to cut through. She puts everything in her mouth and is constantly chewing on her hand yet, these teeth just won’t come out.

The only words she actually says are Mamma & Dada.. sometimes she’ll throw in Daddy. It’s so weird how kids can be so different. Valentina had a list of words she was already saying and I can barely get this one to say anything else.

She does however love to wave Hi/Bye, blow kisses, clap her hands, give high fives and gives kisses on the cheek.

Eats everything in sight. For someone who is slightly underweight, she sure does eat a lot! She’s not gaining a lot a weight at the moment. I had to take her to the doctor in between check ups to check her weight. I explained to the pediatrician that she has a bottle in the morning, 2 snacks and 2 meals every day. She also has 1-2 poop diapers so we know she’s eating good. My guess is that she’s got a very high metabolism.

Which brings me to my next topic. This kid is a monster!! She is so active. I can’t get her to sit still for anything. Diaper changes are next to impossible, especially with this baby belly of mine. She’s been that way since she was in the womb. She’s our little daredevil and I’m pretty sure this one is going to give me problems when she gets bigger. I hope she’s not too much of a Tomboy.

She LOVES bubbles and goes crazy for them. I love the look on her face when we get ready to play with them. She tries to say the word bubbles but it comes out as ‘Ba’!

She’s also just the sweetest baby. She still sleeps through the night and she’s the happiest baby when she wakes up every morning. I can’t get enough of her!!!

She loves Valentina. They play pretty well together and are always making each other laugh.

We’re really lucky to have 2 good babies!

One thought on “Eli Kate: Month Eleven

  1. I totally understand the “been this way since in the womb” part. That is so Isaac. He's had his way since I was carrying him, including him deciding to come early. He has no fears and it scares me. Totally opposite of Thomas in terms of speaking and many other things. It is easy to forget how different kids can be, and um, well, I don't update as much with Isaac as I did with Thomas (still haven't finished Isaac's second birthday post and he turned two two months ago). You aren't alone, my friend.


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