30 days of Thanks: Day 30

I did it! I can’t believe I actually did this for a whole month! Here’s my last Thankful post.

Day 30: I am thankful for a house and warm bed.

I wasn’t planning on writing that until last night when I was too tired to get out of bed to turn of the kitchen light but I wrote it anyway. Winter is arriving and so far we’ve experience some mild autumn temps. Sure it’s nice and crisp but some days it’s kinda warm but mostly humid. Last night, the temperature dropped and it’s beginning to get below freezing at night which means we wake up wondering if it’s snowing.

It’s usually at this time we start dressing in layers here at home to conserve energy but also because it doesn’t get too warm in our house. We live on the top floor of our building and the balcony doors need to be replace. They let in too much air from outside and you can easily feel it. So the cold air comes in and since we’re not “sandwiched” in between floors, we bundle up. Also, city/building regulations come into play and depending on your situation (like us), the heater gets shut off at night. Usually between 11pm/midnight til 5am(ish) so we always have lots of warm blankets on our bed and the girls are bundled with lots of layers at night… sometimes even sleeping with us which is always interesting. Valentina usually kicks and has nightmares while Betta just snuggles closer to me while sucking her thumb.

Regardless of how cold I am at home or how crowded our bed is, I am thankful to have both and I am always reminded of it when we watch the news and see that a homeless person has died on the street. I have learned to never complain… and just layer up!

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