30 days of Thanks: Day 29

Day 29: I am thankful for my health and the ability that my body has to endure a natural childbirth.

Today, I officially begin the 7th month and Last Trimester! I feel like the last month went by super slow. In 12 weeks, I will back in the hospital, walking up and down the halls during my contractions and concentrating on my breathing. While Valentina’s delivery was super easy, Elisabetta was PAINFUL. The entire time of my labor, she kept moving with each contraction and I’m pretty sure that’s why it hurt so much to push her out. She’s super strong and knowing her personality, she was probably kicking and wriggling the way she does now when I change her diaper.

I’m not scared but I hope Charlie’s delivery is must faster and less painful.

Day 29: 7 months with 2lb weight gain!

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