30 days of Thanks: Day 27

Day 27: I am thankful for my friends.. past, present & future.

They say it’s better to have a few close friends than a lot of acquaintances. Well, I feel rather lucky to say that I have a lot of close friends. Even better is that a lot of these friends I’ve known for a very long time. I grew up in a small town where there were 5 elementary schools, a middle school, one Jr. High and one High School. So you had your friends from elementary school and then we were all introduced to a huge group of kids and you made more friends. Some of my casual friends, I’ve known since I was 7 yrs old and some of my closest friends since 6th grade. We still keep in touch via Facebook and I’m so happy to be able to be a part of their lives even though we may not talk/comment that often. I know they’ll be there. I think that’s why childhood friendships are one of the strongest. When you’re young, you don’t know drama yet. You make friends on the fact that you share the same favorite color or like the same boy band. Your views are innocent and you don’t see that person’s faults.

As we get older, puberty hits and everything gets all stupid. You start to dislike someone because they like the same guy as you or because you are secretly jealous of them. They could be the nicest person but your views of the world have changed. Then you enter the college/work force. It’s like school all over again. You try to make friends and find the genuine ones and avoid the freaks. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Some of those so-called friends turn on you for their own selfish reasons or because trust has been broken.

Then.. you have a case like mine. You leave everything you know and start fresh. A new country with no friends. Thanks to this blog, I’ve made a few friends and then my circle expanded with their friends. I am grateful to be able to be in a position where I once again don’t have any drama in my life and therefore I’m able to seek genuine, positive people to have in my life.

I am looking forward to making more friends as my confidence grows and my kids get older.

Day 27: I love my friends


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