30 days of Thanks: Day 25

Day 25: I am thankful that the skills I have learned in my professional life help me in my role as a mother.

I never thought the things I did at work would prepare me so much for motherhood. Of course it shouldn’t be a surprise. I was a Medical Assistant. I worked in a Family Practice office, ER front desk and then in a Colon & Rectal office. I have seen A LOT of stuff and most importantly… SMELLED A LOT of stuff.

Being an MA in a Family Practice office, you get a lot of patience calling with sick babies. Fevers, colds, rashes… etc.  So when Valentina was 8 months old, she got her first fever. My MA brain kicked in and didn’t panic. Yes, I was a first time mom but c’mon.. a slight fever was nothing to get too excited about.  Tonight, Elisabetta has thrown up on me twice in the space of an hour. I was covered in milk, cookies and fruit. I just sat there waiting for her to stop. I didn’t mind. I didn’t care that I had to change my clothes for a 3rd time. I just let it happen, changed her and watched her as she played happily with Valentina like nothing had happened. I’m hoping she’ll sleep all night and then re-evaluate in the morning and call the Dr. to see if there’s a virus going around.

Perhaps it’s the 2nd part of the above mentioned that has helped the most. SMELLS. You smell a lot of crap (literally) when working in C&R. Dirty diapers are nothing when you’ve smelled puss from an abscess and burning flesh. Once you’ve worked with Adult poop… there’s nothing that can gross you out!

Day 25: Thankful for my work experience in smelling a lot of crap!


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