30 days of Thanks: Day 24

Day 24: I am thankful for my mom & dad.

What can I say about my parents?! Besides the fact that they are super duper awesome.

Dad: He’s the most hardworking person I know. Us kids got our work ethic from him… that’s for sure. We’re not the type of people to bounce around from job to job. We find our place and stay there until we’ve learned all we can… then move on. My dad can’t stay still for too long. If he’s not sleeping, he has to be doing something. That’s just the way he is and Elisabetta is taking after him.. I can see it already!

Mom: Taxi, cook, housekeeper etc… In other words. HOMEMAKER. I remember when I was little, people would ask what my parents did. I always said my mom did nothing. She stayed at home. As I got older, it was homemaker and then she “works at home.” It’s funny how your perception changes as you get older. Now that I “work at home”, I see all of the stuff that has to be done just to keep the house looking decent. Of course our 2 bedroom apartment is nothing compared to the house I grew up in but still… a mess is a mess.. no matter the size!


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