30 days of Thanks: Day 21

Day 21: I am thankful for the Postal service.

It may be slow for some, super expensive and unreliable but for me, I am thankful that I have not lost any packages and that I get mine in a timely manner.

Today, I got a package from my mom with some MUCH NEEDED items for me and the girls. Poor Carlo got left out this time. While everything that was sent could be found here, it’s much easier and cheaper back home. I now have a new pair of (cute) Maternity jeans!! I threw away a pair that I had gotten when I was pregnant with Valentina and was in desperate need of another pair. The girls got some more hand me down clothes along with some new stuff.

I’ve gotten so many packages from my mom that the SDA courier guy and I have become friends. In fact, I was on my home from Carrefour (similar to Wal-Mart), he waved at me and said he had left my package with my MIL. Other times, he has honked the horn in his van to get my attention so that he wouldn’t have to leave a notice on my gate. He’s super cool like that!

Day 21: Thankful for fast deliveries!


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