30 days of Thanks: Day 20

Day 20: I’m thankful for TV programs that entertain me.

I had a hard time deciding what to be thankful for today. There are only 10 days left in November and so much more to be thankful for. This evening, as I sat and watched TV for an hour I was grateful at that moment to have time to myself to enjoy a program that makes me smile or at the very least keep me entertained.

I used to watch a lot of reality tv but 85% of the shows now are pure junk. I can’t watch them. Why would I want to watch someone else’s life when I can be out living my own? However, there are some shows I don’t mind watching like cooking competitions or shows that can help me improve myself in some way.

Then there are sitcoms and scripted tv shows which I don’t have time to watch but I will always make time for my favorites. We are currently re-watching Frasier because it’s Carlo’s favorite but also because we bought Season 11 last year and we’ve forgotten where we left of. I never get tired of watching Friends. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve watched it. If it’s on, I’ll watch it and laugh just like the first time.

The shows I chose for the picture below are a few that I really get into when it’s on.

1) Clio Make Up: I wrote about her almost 4 years ago when I moved here. We had no tv and I was searching YouTube videos on learning Italian. What I found was Clio’s makeup tutorials and that my friends is how my Italian started. I would sit with my dictionary trying to figure out what she was saying. Now Clio has a show on RealTme (my fav channel)!

2) Glee: Like we don’t already know that Glee is my current favorite show to watch. I love the music, the drama and most of all, I love that it’s created by Ryan Murphy who also created Nip/Tuck.. another personal favorite! Glee is the only TV show that I make time to watch every single week. Even if it’s at 1am.. I’m gonna watch it!

3) I love Lucy: I really don’t think this need explanation. The fact that I used a clip to announcement my 1st pregnancy really says it all.

4) Cucina con Ale: There’s something about this guy that I like. Maybe it’s the food and how fast and easy it is to make. Maybe it’s because he’s Italian BUT born and raised in San Francisco. Maybe it’s that he ends his programs with Rock music. I don’t know but Carlo and I like to watch him and one of these days, I plan to make one of his recipes.

Day 20: Clio Make up, Glee, I love Lucy & Cucina con Ale

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