30 days of Thanks: Day 19

Day 19: I am thankful for nap time. I love a good nap. I wish I could take one every day. I wish both of my kids would take naps every day… AT THE SAME TIME. I can’t remember the last time that happened. Oh wait.. it was Sunday after lunch. We had a family nap. All 4 of us in bed, cuddled up together. It was glorious!

Valentina has been pass on her nap lately and while I don’t mind sometimes, there are days like today when I wish she would go to sleep. I had so much I need/want to get done but I can’t do anything with Valentina awake because she ALWAYS manages to wake up Betta and when B’s is awake… forget it. Nothing’s getting done. It’s already hard enough to get Betta to sleep more than 20 minutes in the morning but when she gets woken up during the afternoon nap.. you better watch out because I turn into cranky mom. I think Valentina has already learned her lesson and she just sits silently while playing with her ipod or watching TV. I also have been trying to be more patient with her. I won’t force a nap on her if she doesn’t want to sleep but you better believe that by 10pm, she has to be in bed or Carlo has to deal with her.

She gets all crazy, loud and starts to throw fits and I can’t handle that at the end of the day. I’m too tired and I just want my quiet alone time!

Day 19: naps during church are the best

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