30 days of Thanks: Day 18

Day 18: Today I am thankful for my church family. Words can not describe how much I LOVE my ward. It is seriously THE BEST WARD this side of the Atlantic. I can’t say it’s the best ward I’ve ever been in because that wouldn’t be entirely true. My home ward was pretty rockin’ and D12 (my young single adults ward) was way cooler than D11. (the “other” ysa ward- even though they had more people)

The very first time I attended T2 was memorable and something I won’t forget. I just read the post from that day and it makes me so happy to feel the same way almost 4 years later. While some things have changed like Missionaries and building locations, other things haven’t… like the feeling of home. That to me, is more important than anything else. I’ve been in some great wards but I’ve also been in some not-so great ones. The ward I was in before moving to Torino was one of the ‘not-so great’. I was always “new” no matter how many times I attended. The only people who would talk to me were my home teacher and visiting teacher. So you can imagine how happy I was to finally be in a ward where everyone was friendly.

Once Valentina was born, everything changed even more… for the better. It was like I became of a part of a secret club or something. I was now a mom and had mom friends! There were 5 of us that were all pregnant at once and I was the last of the group to give birth. It was fun to see each one of us with go through the same things at once. The last milestone was potty training and now all of the kids in Nursery are potty trained!

Then Elisabetta came along and I had another set of mom friends. This time there were 3 of us and again, I was the last in the group. At the moment, we’re going through teething, walking, discussing night time sleep habits (I’m the lucky one.. mine sleeps!). At this point, my presence in the ward is well established and everyone knows my kids.. and they’re famous for their ‘American’ church clothes. Everyone knows I’m the Texan and always talks to me about visiting the States.

Now that “Charlie” is coming I’ve got an even stronger support system. Today, Valentina was actually having a temper tantrum at church! That’s never happened. However, one of my mom friends came to get Valentina and took her to Nursery for me while I rocked Betta to sleep. The Bishop’s wife gives me a ride when I ask for one and this morning she told me she’s pregnant with #2! The Peruvian women are constantly asking about my parents and wanting to know when they’re coming back. They take turns holding Betta while I supervise Valentina who likes to play in the Nursery during Sacrament.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my life in Italy wouldn’t be as good as it is without my church family. It has been easy because of them and I haven’t really missed “home” because I am already home…. Torino 2nd ward!

Day 18: LOVE my church!
photo source: photokapi.com

One thought on “30 days of Thanks: Day 18

  1. The church is so great especially when you are away from family! We fell in love with our new ward instantly! We just formed a new ward a month ago. It's a great feeling to be with people who care about each other. So glad that y'all have that in your ward!


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