30 days of Thanks: Day 17

Day 17: Today I’m thankful for quiet alone time.

The last 2 days have been crazy busy. We had company over for dinner last night and of course Valentina didn’t want to take a nap. So I was trying to keep her quiet while Betta slept and trying to clean the bathroom/kitchen at the same time. Dinner was a success but I was left with a pile of dishes and I was too tired to do them.

This morning, instead of doing the dishes when I woke up, I went back to bed. Carlo had to run some errands so after Betta had her bottle, we snuggled up with Valentina and slept until almost 10am! It was glorious. I never get to sleep in that late. But… since we woke up late, we were completely off schedule. I barely managed to make the bed, do a load of laundry, change them, make lunch before leaving to go for a walk downtown. It may not seem like a lot to do but when you’re almost 7 month pregnant, just getting yourself ready is a big deal. After our walk, we got home at 6:30 only to leave 30 minutes later for dinner at my MIL’s house.

So of course I come home to a mess in my kitchen. Betta is asleep and Valentina was running around playing with her balloon. By the time she went to bed, Carlo was asleep and I was able to finish cleaning my kitchen. It’s now almost 1am and I still haven’t prepared the diaper bag or pick out the girls clothes for church tomorrow…but at least I was able to get all of the dishes done without being interrupted!!

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