30 day of Thanks: Day 16

Day 16: I am thankful for music. I love music. I love ALL kinds of music. From Hip/Hop, Classical, Jazz, Rock, to Oldies.. my tastes are all over the place. So when I’m under pressure to make sure dinner is ready at a certain time or I’m cleaning the house, I HAVE to have music on.. full blast.

When I was little, we used to listen to the Oldies station in the car. My mom would have her alarm set on Country. My dad always had his radio in the truck programmed to Classic Country or Mexican. I was in marching band so we played a lot of different styles and that where is I started to enjoy Jazz. I was always a Top 40 kind of girl but then after HS the Rock side pushed out more along with some Alternative and Metal. Now that I’m older, I just really like everything.. especially a good Musicals. Grease is my favorite movie but as far as Musicals, I think Chicago is tops!

I’m trying to get Valentina involved in music. We used to play Classical in her room via iTunes (and AppleTV) at night and now she’s such a Glee fan that she’ll put it on just for certain songs. Her favorite right now is ‘How will I know’ by Whitney Houston.. but the Glee version…. which is actually AMAZING!! You should definitely check it out.


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