30 days of Thanks: Day 15

Day 15: I am thankful that my MIL taught me how to make delicious pizza but more importantly how to get the dough just right.
I’ve posted many times about the pizza recipe my MIL taught me. In the almost 6 years that I first learned, my pizza making skills have improved 300%! I still remember the very first time I made pizza and how gross it looked. My dear hubby loved me so much that he ate it and said it was good. Now, I make pizza once a week (on Wednesdays) and every time, I still go back to that first one. I really should update my recipe or tweak it but I’m too tired… maybe another time.
I’m sure I’ve mentioned that my MIL is from Southern Italy…. outside of Naples to be exact. Naples as you know is the birth place of pizza so, anytime I get a compliment from her I get super excited.
Tonight I decided to spice things up and make one for Elisabetta. She still can’t have tomatoes or sauce yet (not until she’s 10 months) so I made her a Pizza Bianca aka white pizza. It was so good that Carlo and I thought we should add that to our pizza nights. I highly recommend making your own pizza dough and using the freshest ingredients that you can. You will save money and it tastes sooo much better than frozen/take out pizza.
Day 15: Pizza with prosciutto (ham) & Pizza Bianca (white pizza with mozzarella & prosciutto.)
*I hate that my pictures are yellow…. but my computer is running really slow and I the software I was using isn’t loading for me to edit them better.

One thought on “30 days of Thanks: Day 15

  1. I am very lucky to have tasted your pizza! It looks yummy even if the pics are yellow:-) The kids certainly do love when I make your recipe around here although I'm sure it's not as good!


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