30 days of Thanks: Day 14

Day 14: I am thankful that Valentina is taking after her father and is developing a love of reading!

Everyday, Valentina takes down all of her books and reads them. She loves to read and unfortunately, has destroyed quite a few books doing so. For a while, we wouldn’t even let her touch them because we were afraid she’d ruin them. She’s much better at handling them but we still have to keep an eye on her. A lot of the books we’ve read over and over again and she’s at the point where she’s memorized them.

One of my favorites is a Peppa Pig book called “The Sleepy Princess.” It’s only about 5 sentences long but she sounds so cute when she “reads” it to me. She actually tells me the story like this:

“One day, there was Princess Peppa in a big castle. I’m so beautiful! I go sleep. (yawn) Who’s that? That’s Daddy Pig. The End”

I hope she continues to love books as much as Carlo does!

Day 14: Thankful she loves to read like daddy!


2 thoughts on “30 days of Thanks: Day 14

  1. It's so good that she loves books! Are there any that she doesn't have that she might want? I would love to send her some:-) Gabby really likes Fancy Nancy. Has she seen those?


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