30 days of Thanks: Day 12

Day 12: I am thankful for the laughter and joy that Elisabetta has brought into our home. She is a lot more active than Valentina EVER was. Even before she was born. I had a major case of nausea the 1st & 2nd trimester. All I wanted to eat was beef. In any way. Hamburgers, Steaks, Meat sauce…. I just wanted my meat. She was very active and would kick and squirm all of the time. When I went into labor, she moved around every time I had a contraction. The stronger the contraction, the more she would move. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s why delivery was so hard. She was too busy moving around.

When she was born, she was already holding her head up straight. No… seriously.. it was freaky. At 2 weeks, we went for a check up and the Pediatrician put Betta on her stomach. What did my monster do? Yeah.. she lifted her head up and looked at the Doctor. She then turned her over and grabbed her hands to check her strength. When she pulled her up by her hands.. her head and body raised up together.. not like normal babies where the head is all floppy and comes after the body.  BEAST… that’s what she is!! That’s what we’ve called her since before she was born.

Now that she’s been here for almost 9 months, things have not slowed down. She totally wants to walk but doesn’t realize that she can’t. She can stand in her playpen but she’s not that steady yet. She has to always be on the move. So much that’s she kinda messed up her playpen. Carlo bought it for Valentina last year. It’s cute and all but it’s a camping playpen so it’s not really supposed to be used for everyday use. Now that Betta’s using it, she’s practically made it impossible for it to used correctly. The mat has velcro on it and it will no longer stick. She manages to take off the mat and get stuck in between the rods that make up the frame.

Normally she’ll cry because she can’t get out but this morning, she was ok laying underneath and sucking on the mat!

Day 12: Thankful for this funny monster!

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