30 days of Thanks: Day 8

Day 8: I am thankful that “Charlie” will be joining our family in 15 weeks!

Everyday I feel more and more movement and I get super excited that we’re going to have another little baby in the house. Of course it’s hard because Valentina is 2.5 and is sometimes acts like a little monkey when I’m trying to get her to put on her pajamas or take a nap. She’ll starting kicking and I’m constantly pushing her legs away so that she doesn’t kick my stomach.

Then there’s poor Elisabetta who’s only 8 months old and wants to be held ALL OF THE TIME! I love to cuddle with her but the pressure of her weight on my belly makes “Charlie” kick me even more. Regardless of their recent behavior, I’ve actually felt pretty good and have been able to take them to the playground alone. (which is not easy in the first place) The beginning of this pregnancy was tough. I was constantly tired and my mood swings were all over the place.

I’m a lot less hormonal now and I do have quite a bit of energy but I’m starting to drag a bit. In just a few more weeks, I’ll be entering my last trimester and with both of my girls, I was exhausted at the end and couldn’t keep my eyes open. I fear this time around it’s going to be much worse. But hey.. only 15 weeks left!! I can do it….. at least I hope I can!!

Day 8: 15 more weeks of pregnancy left!
photo via: babyannouncements.net


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