30 day of Thanks: Day 9

Day 9: Today, I am super thankful for my very awesome hubby.

It’s actually been a good day today. I was able to go do some grocery shopping and took Elisabetta with me. She slept the entire time we were out. She ate her lunch as did Valentina and both took naps. The downside to all of this?? Well, Elisabetta is teething AGAIN and right now will ONLY sleep if she’s with me. Either on me or cuddled up with me but I have to be with her. This only happens during the day which messes with my schedule. Today was an exception and we cuddled for a good 2 hours.

Then comes the evenings when she’s getting tired and hungry. Carlo stayed home last night because I asked him to, so tonight he had to go for a run. Things were great and I told him to go immediately after work.  I was able to get dinner started for Betta but she was already getting past the point of hungry and was really getting cranky. By the time dinner was ready, she was done and playing happily in her playpen.

Of course the minute I sit down, she starts to yell and cry because she wants to be held. I hold her for a bit while Carlo and Valentina start eating. It’s hard to clean your fish when you have an 8.5 month old monster on your lap.. wanting to touch everything.  Carlo took her for a few minutes so that I could at least clean out the fish spine from my Salmon. It wasn’t long before she was fussy again. I took over and managed to eat a bit with her on my lap.

Valentina was done, Carlo was almost done and I still had lots of food on my plate and yet Betta would not fall asleep. As soon as Carlo was done, he took over and at the same time, Valentina wanted to be held as well. It makes my heart burst with happiness to see my girls sitting with their daddy and being totally relaxed while he sings whatever song Valentina requests.

Day 9: Thankful for my husband


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