30 days of Thanks: Day 7

Day 7: Today, I am thankful that my girls aren’t picky eaters and eat EVERYTHING I give them.  The only time I have trouble feeding them is if they have a really late snack or they eat too much at snack time.

I’m not sure if it’s because I make my own baby food or because Carlo and I really like to eat but we’ve been really lucky that we haven’t had any allergies or picky eating when it comes to the kids. Valentina’s biggest problem was not eating potatoes unless it was a french fry. She’s past that now and will happily eat potatoes if I give them to her. Of course there are some things that’s she’ll try and eat but them won’t ask for them. Mozzarella (or any type of cheese) is something she’ll eat on her pizza but, if I have some in my salad and ask her to eat some, she’ll say no.  Her current favorite veggies are carrots and corn. Although last night, she thanked me every time she ate a pea. She said I did good making them.

As for Elisabetta, she’s my little monster. She’ll eat all kinds of meat but beef is her favorite. She has eaten most of the veggies and has liked every single one of them except for Cauliflower. She wasn’t a big fan. She does like Broccoli! Especially if I make a broccoli rice and cheese. Just like Valentina, she LOVES fruit which they both get from Carlo.

One of Valentina’s favorite food is Spinacine. It’s a fried chicken patty with spinach and it now happens to be one of Elisabetta’s favorite things to eat too!!

Day 7: Thankful for non picky eaters!


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