30 days of Thanks: Day 6

Day 6: I am thankful that I have this opportunity to stay at home with my children and witness their tantrums.

Before we got married, Carlo explained how difficult life in Italy would be. Cost of living is high and wages are very low. I have no choice in the matter and I would have to work. NO EXCEPTIONS. After a few months of trying to learn the language, I tried to find work but it was hard because my level of Italian was still very much beginner. By the fall, I had a job teaching English to kids at a language school. The only problem was that I was already expecting with Valentina so my time would be limited.

Thinking I would find something more permanent, I continued to search while still teaching at the school. Then of course, Elisabetta came along and now I’ve got “Charlie”coming. While my 4 year anniversary of living in Italy is coming in January, I have been pregnant 3 times which of course means I have to keep putting off finding a job. At this point, I will have to stay at home until “Charlie” is 3 and can go to school.

Until then, I will cherish this time I have with the kids. I will continue to pray for patience and do my best to have fun with them during snowy/rainy weather. I will take them to the playground anyway I can and try my hardest not to get too overwhelmed with they are crying and throwing a fit… like they did today!

(This was during our morning snack time. Valentina had a chocolate snack and juice. She came back and wanted more chocolate. I told her no because I don’t want her to eat too much before lunch time. She then threw herself on the floor and cried for Carlo. Elisabetta was crying because she didn’t have a very good nap and she was still tired BUT.. also because she ate all of her yogurt and bananas and she wanted more. We usually have a small snack about 2 hours before lunch so obviously I don’t want them to eat too much otherwise, they don’t eat lunch)

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