30 days of Thanks: Day 1

It’s November! I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by. As we get closer to the end of the year, we start to get busier with the holiday season. Yesterday was Halloween and we’re now approaching Thanksgiving. Living in Italy during the holiday season is always hard for me. It’s the time of year that I miss being in the States the most. Halloween is starting to catch on here but it’s not the same. While, there are a few stores that decorate for the occasion, it’s still hard to find tons of kids dressed up during the day and have stores hand out candy to the little ones.

Since Thanksgiving is another American holiday, we try to celebrate it with our traditional dinner. This year, I am trying to get into the holiday spirit a little sooner as we are starting to get closer to the arrival of “Charlie.” Therefore, I have decided to document 30 things I’m grateful for. I wanted to do this last year but I always forgot and then I would remember half way through the month. I hope to be able to capture the things I’m grateful for in pictures as well.

So here we go: Day 1

I am Thankful for today’s beautiful weather which allowed us to go to the playground. Yesterday it rained all day. Literally all day… non stop… light rain… for morning to well after midnight!!!  The playground was still wet and I had to wipe down the slides for Valentina. My kids love being outside. It’s something that they’ve been doing since they were born. My kids know that if I put them in the stroller, we’re going out. They instantly cheer up the minute we walk out the front door and they cry when we have to come back. Unfortunately, winter is coming and it’s getting dark sooner. It’s getting colder and the weather is getting wetter. (It generally rains a lot in November) So anytime we get beautiful sunshine, we will take full advantage of it!

Day 1: Thankful for beautiful weather.
the view from our balcony


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