Eli Kate: Month Five and Six

I could say that I’m writing this post on purpose but let’s face it. I forgot to do her Five month post so I just thought I’d do two months at once. After all, she’s changing so fast that it feels like these months just blend in anyway. She had her 6 month check up last week and this turkey weighs 7,150kg! That’s 15 lbs of cuteness and she’s 67cm long. That’s 26 inches!

These days, our Eli Kate is:

sitting: Valentina was never sitting this well at 6 months so it’s nice to have EK reach her own milestone at her own time instead of being overshadowed by the big sister!

pulling herself up in her crib: Soon after she started to sit up really well, we noticed that she had been pulling herself with the bars on the crib. At first she would just pull herself up onto her knees and it was ADORABLE. Now, she’s pulls herself up to standing position. While it’s only 30 sec. to a minute before she falls… it’s still quite impressive.

NEVER still: Once she realized how mobile she can be, she’s doesn’t want to be in one spot. It doesn’t matter if she’s on the bed, in the stroller, her walker…. she HAS to be moving at all times. She just WILL NOT SIT STILL. Even when she’s tired, she’s still wriggling around in my arms before she falls asleep.

smiling at EVERYONE: EK takes after her Daddy in more ways than one. She’s a social butterfly and isn’t afraid to be with others. She loves to be held so anyone who’s willing to hold her is bound to get their share of smiles.

teething: She already has her 2 bottom teeth and she’s now getting her top teeth in. They haven’t broken through yet but you can see the them through her gums… which is wicked awesome!

loving her walker: A few days after she turned 6 months, Carlo brought the walker back from his mom’s basement and immediately put EK in. Not only was she reaching the floor (unlike Valentina) she was IN LOVE! She started pushing all of the buttons and “walking” all over the kitchen. 3 weeks later, she’s a pro! She goes everywhere and will grab anything she can. (like the dustpan and broom)

eating monster: This girl can eat! At 4 months I started with apples but she wasn’t ready yet. We waited another month and by that time she was not only ready… but MORE than ready. So far we’ve given her… Apples, Pears, Peaches, Apricots, Avocado, Bananas, Carrots, Chicken broth, Veggie Broth, Veggie puree, Veal & Chicken.  She’ll start peas and then green beans this week along with Turkey and Beef.  Her current feeding schedule is:

morning– a bottle w/1 teething biscuit inside
lunch– bottle
dinner– pasta, meat, veggie & fruit
bedtime– bottle w/ rice cereal
Of course I’ve also added the “must-have” Italian ingredients of Olive oil and Parmigiano cheese to her dinner. I mean.. Hello… she’s Italian!
apricots are delish!
in a big girl stroller: I was soo happy when we were finally able to move her from the car seat attachment to just the regular stroller. It made things easier and she enjoys being in her stroller so much more!

Daddy’s mini-me: This girl is looks exactly like Carlo. There’s no denying it. He can’t see it but everyone else can. I hear it all of the time.. especially at church.

Last but certainly not least, our Elisabetta Kate is:

an American citizen!
On her 6 month birthday, we took the train into Milan for our appointment at the US Consulate. We had applications for her SSN, passport and to register her birth. We tried a total of NINE times to get her to be still for the passport photos and on the last attempt, they came out perfect! A week later, we received her Certificate of Birth Abroad. She now has dual citizenship!

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