Movie Review: Rock of Ages

The very first time I saw the trailer for Rock of Ages, I knew I had to see it. Anything that has 80’s rock is up my alley! Once I saw it advertised at my neighborhood theater, I rallied up my girlfriends and set a date.
Last month Jill, Allison and I saw it and we were NOT disappointed. Before the movie started, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and discussed our hopes that the songs would be in English.  Sometimes when shows or movies are dubbed in another language, they might also redo the songs. Most of the time, they’ll leave it in the original language and just put subtitles. We walked into the theater and the movie had just started. (no previews?!) The first number was a Mash-up of the songs ‘Sister Chrisitian/ Just like Paradise/ Nothing’ but a Good Time’.
I smiled because the songs were in English!! These songs are too iconic to ruin. From the beginning this movie makes you want to move and sing-a-long. The story itself was really good but what I loved the most… TOM CRUISE. I was so impressed with his acting and his character. I’ve always thought he was a good actor but this role was…… AMAZING. Catherine Zeta-Jones is so good when it comes to musicals. I loved her in Chicago and I loved her inROA.Below is a video from Rock of Ages talking about the music and choreography. I think one of the reasons I really enjoyed this movies was because A) I LOVE 80’S ROCK and 2) the musical geniuses behind the music/mash ups are the same ones that do Glee.. and we all know how I love me some Glee!!  I’m so going to buy this movie!


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