2012 Resolutions Review

Can you believe we are already in July? Where is the time going? I thought it would be kinda fun for me to revisit my 2012 resolutions and see how I’m progressing. It will either motivate me some more.. and make me really sad that I haven’t done as much. Let’s see shall we?!!?

1- Read More

This one has been good so far. I set a goal to read just 12 books. That’s one a month. I’m a really slow reader so I thought that would be easiest. I started the year slowly but made up for it with 2 ChickLit book. (courtesy of Jill). Below are the books I’ve read so far, and the order that I’ve read them. I’m currently reading Shantaram. I’m only on chapter 2 and it’s already really good!

I have a few more books that Jill gave me that should get me through the rest of the year. After that, I plan to start reading some of the classics I never read (but should have) in High School.

2- Get organized (for real)

This one started to finally kick in this past week. Well kinda. I’m really good and making sure the girls closets are in order as far as clothes are concern. Now I’m working on my kitchen and it’s taken all of my energy. I have no desire to do anything else after 3 days cleaning out cabinets.. and I’m not done yet.

3- Get crafty with Pinterest

This one I have been doing! (big surprise) I’ve made wreaths for Christmas, Valentine’s and Elisabetta’s birth.  I’ve used Pinterest to help me plan Valentina’s birthday party as well as a doing a Mother’s Day gift to my mom.

4- Learn more about Photography

Nothing yet… but there’s still time!

5- Blog more

Trying my hardest. Carlo reformatted my computer and linked my external hard drive so that I could have ALL of my pictures, music and TV shows on my iTunes library. Now my computer isn’t slow anymore and I still have over 300 GB of space to fill up with the rest of my pictures. This way, everything is archived in one spot, and it will be easier for me to look for pictures when I’m blogging. Unfortunately, we’ve hit a snag. Carlo’s computer has bit the dust.. AGAIN but it looks like this time is for real. We’ll be sharing my computer until he buys me a new (to me) one. (oh yes.. I get a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.. my choice!!!)

6- Make time for ME!

I’m starting to get there. I’ve actually gone out a few times with my girlfriends and it’s been fantastic! I’ve also started to make more time for me with the TV. It’s so nice to be able to watch something besides Peppa Pig! My new favorite channel is RealTime and I can’t get enough of it.

I’ve even been able to go to the movies and a Hen Night for my friend Rosemarie. Thanks to Carlo who has clearly gained confidence with Elisabetta and can now handle both girls without me!!  Here’s hoping the next 6 months are just as good.

One thought on “2012 Resolutions Review

  1. I love your goals, and that you're keeping track of them! I loved “Shadow of the Wind.” Curious what you think of the 50 Shades books, they didn't sound worthwhile to me so I haven't read them. I'm happy to help with #4 🙂 PS I really want to come visit you! Maybe I'll put that on my list 🙂


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