Eli Kate: Month Four

Now at 4 months! Time is really flying here. She’s now rolling around, pulling self up and also trying to sit up. She loves to grab her feet and suck on her toes… just like a little monkey. Teething has also begun. She’s constantly chewing on her fingers and constantly drooling. I’m just waiting for that first little tooth to pop.

She had her 2nd set of immunizations yesterday (Monday June 25th) and did AMAZING. She cried at each injection but as soon as I  picked up her and covered her in kisses, she was all smiles for the nurse. We walked back out into the waiting room and she was smiling for everyone. She had a small fever afterwards but seems to be doing better today.

Wednesday June 27th she had her 4-5 month check up.  She currently weighs 13 lbs and is 24 inches long. We had already started putting a teething biscuit in her morning bottle as of last Friday and the doctor also said we could add a bit of Rice cereal to her milk.  She gave us the go ahead to try some Apples and Pears and in two weeks, we’ll start with the first meal!!

Elisabetta Kate 4 months


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