Major Catching Up to be done..

I’ve been up since 4:44am.  That’s when my dad came in and woke me up to let me know they were almost ready to leave.

They were here for 2 weeks and in that time, we’ve been on the go. I have barely managed keeping up with emails and have a few I need to respond to.  I have about 3 posts in my drafts folder that need to be finished along with about 5 other posts that still need to be written.

It’s hot. Summer is officially here.

My girls are getting big. Valentina is into everything and Elisabetta no longer wants to sleep.

I’m getting the house back into shape. This includes the major re-organization of the kitchen which should have been done before Betta was born (ahem… 4 months ago!)

I’m hoping that I will once again, have time to myself at night to catch up.

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