Eli Kate: Month Two

Not to be outdone by the Birthday Girl, Elisabetta turned 2 months on Valentina’s birthday. This month has been much easier as we’ve taken back the breast pump and she’s now only drinking formula. It’s made my life much easier but I don’t like having to spend 10.50 euros a box every few days.

There’s not much to report as Elisabetta is still eating EVERY. 3. HOURS. You could set your watch by here. It doesn’t matter if she’s a sleep or awake, she’s ready. Luckily she eats well and that makes it better for all of us. She also sleeps ALL NIGHT LONG! This is something I’ve been blessed with twice. Valentina was a great sleeper and Betta is too. A few times she’s eaten at 9pm and then sleep until 6am. Now she’ll wake up on her own around 1 or 2am. Since I always go to bed late, I’ve started to feed her before I get to bed (around midnight). That way, she’ll sleep until 6am.

I love that she’s such a smiley baby. Now that her eyesight can focus on object and people, she recognizes when people are around. As soon as she sees me, she gets a big gummy smile on her face and it totally melts my heart.


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