The Big 2!!

Dear Valentina,

You’re now 2 years old.

I can’t believe it. It seems like just yesterday that I was writing your 1st year post. This past year has been a fun one! You’ve traveled quite a bit and met some wonderful people. We went to Naples the week after your birthday. Then left for 5 weeks to visit your family in the States. You met your cousins for the first time, started to correctly feed yourself, stopped the bottle, went swimming, saw your first parade, and had a 2nd birthday party with a piñata on 4th of July! We went to Minnesota to visit your Uncle Pepe and Aunt Lizzy (whom you LOVE!) We visited the Mall of America, Lake Superior and ate until our pants popped open! We also made a quick trip across the state line.. just to say that we were in Wisconsin.

During that trip you went to your first wedding, got your ears pierced, visited some Abuelos at the cementary, had a play date, made new friends, and visited mommy’s old job. We ended that trip by visiting your Aunts, meeting friends and ending it all playing outside with the water hose.  Perhaps the most exciting milestone is that you FINALLY started walking! A week shy of 15 months you realized that walking is fun! When we got back home, one of the first things daddy did was take you into the fountains at Piazza Castello.

You won’t remember going to Scotland or Verona and that’s ok.  One of the best things to happen to you is that you became a Big Sister! Everyone is always asking me if you’re jealous of Elisabetta and thankfully you are not. I’m sure the fact that we’ve talked about her way before her arrival helped a lot. Every morning, you get out of bed, come into our room, get in bed with us and say hi to Betta. At every feeding, you are right next to me giving big hugs and kisses. You love it when I have to change her diaper because you get to hold her hand while she lays on the bed.

This past year you’ve gotten all of your teeth in; even the last set of molars. You’re drinking 2% milk now and you’ve started potty training! We still have a long way to go but you are starting to tell me that you have to go potty.

Now that you’re 2, your tongue has loosened up and you’re talking like crazy!.. in both languages. I’m so impressed how easily it’s coming to you. You speak English to me then turn and say the same thing to daddy in Italian. Everyday you tend to say more and quite often making us laugh.  I’ve been trying to get a video of you but you won’t let me take one.

Oh… my sweet monkey. How we love you so very much. You keep me busy that our house is a mess, I forget simple things and I’ve neglected the blog, knitting and anything else that requires time. My eyebrows look crazy and I am in serious need of a facial… but you know what.. you love me the way I am and that all that matters.

Valentina Jade on her Birthday. 22/April/2012
Happy Birthday little monkey!
We love you!
Mamma, Papa’, & Betta

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