Tx2= Busy days and sleepless nights

Tx2: Terrible Two’s AND Teething Toddler.

Could it be that teething is the reason they call it the Terrible Two’s? My sweet laid back baby girl has been really acting up lately. Some thought it was the new baby but on Tuesday, we discovered the truth. Those molars are doing one heck of a number on Valentina.

Tuesday, she threw up all day. Tuesday night was unbelievable. She spent the entire night screaming (deathly, ear drum shattering screams), crying, and kicking because of the pain. I was kicked in the stomach, neck and head butted while Carlo was kicked in the stomach, hit in the face and laid on like a pillow. I even put Orajel on her gums and that didn’t help. The pain was so intense that she would call out to us and she called us everything she could think of.


Wednesday, Carlo and I laughed at the fact that poor Valentina probably thought that calling us in each language would help ease the pain. If she knew Japanese, she might have used that as well. Wednesday, she slept most of the day and ate very little but managed to eat some saltines and pizza (crust with very little sauce just for flavor) She also had a fever that was almost 103. Thursday, she started to get some of her appetite back. She had some Teddy Grahams, prosciutto, cookies and chicken with spinach… but very little of each. It was better than nothing.

By the time she went to bed, we thought she would be almost better by today. I was wrong. At 8am I woke up to someone calling me and holding her sippy cup. She drank some water until I took it from her. I gave her some Cheerios with very little milk.. just enough to get them soggy so she could chew without pain. 2 minutes later, those Cheerios came back up with water. I made her lay back down and she quickly went back to sleep.

It’s now 2:13pm and she’s eaten about 10 saltine crackers, and is watching cartoons acting normal. I hope the worse it behind us.

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