World Nutella Day 2012

It’s here!! World Nutella Day 2012 and of course we are celebrating with yummy Nutella goodness.

Once again, our co-hosts, Sara at Ms. Adventures in Italy and Michelle at Bleeding Espresso have brought us the 6th annual World Nutella Day! If you haven’t yet visiting the WND site, you should. You’ll find stories, recipes AND.. an Unofficial Guide to Nutella (an e-book)!

This year, I decided to go easy and simple. At 38 weeks (tomorrow) I wasn’t really up for doing much other than sleeping most of the day (which didn’t happen).

So… let the fun begin! I’ve got a back story for this recipe that MUST be shared before I go any further. Last year, I was having a conversation with some LDS Sister Missionaries (aka Mormons) when I mentioned World Nutella Day. One of the girls mentioned that ‘Once Upon A Time’ a Sister Missionary got a “Dear Jane” letter. TOTAL BURN.. right?!?! So do mend her broken heart, she opened up the cupboard and made a quick Nutella concoction.

This my friend…. is that concoction.. and even with a small twist. So, in her honor (because I have no idea who this girl is/was) I give you my recipe for: ‘Dear Jane’.

How to mend ‘Dear Jane’s’ broken heart:
Mascarpone Cheese
Peanut Butter (optional)
In a medium size bowl, mix equal parts Nutella and Mascarpone Cheese until smooth.
(I did 250g of each)
Take half of the mixture and put it in another bowl. Add a spoonful of Peanut Butter (to one of the bowls) and mix well.
Put both bowls in the freezer to set. (an hour or two)  Once they’re set, make balls and roll in cocoa. Freeze until ready to eat.
Optional items:
roll them in:
or whatever your heart wants!
I must add that these things are YUMMY and you may want to have your Dentist on speed dial!
‘Dear Jane’ (Nutella & Mascarpone rolled in cocoa)

And what’s World Nutella Day without having a fun shot of the little one with a mouth full of yummy Nutella goodness!

*A Dear John is when a guy receives a letter from his girlfriend (or wife) ending their relationship.. usually because they found someone else.  A Dear Jane is the same….  A girl receiving the break up letter from a boy.

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