Where’s your baby?

That’s now the question at home. Last week, I set up the baby carriage and Valentina immediately poked her head in and said, “Baby?” I kept telling her that the baby was still in my tummy but she wanted to see the baby in the carriage. She knows that’s where the baby is supposed to be, she sees babies at church and remembers.

We’ve been preparing the house, washing clothes, putting toys away in the basement etc… and yet she’s still wondering where the baby is. Lately, she’s been choosing to watch cartoons that have babies in them.  I asked her where the baby was and she lifted up her shirt and pointed to her tummy. After laughing, I asked again and that’s when she ran up to me, pointed to my belly and said, “tummy.”

She obviously has no idea what’s about to happen in 3 weeks. She doesn’t know that I’ll be gone for 4 days and that when she does see me at the hospital, I won’t be able to go back home with her and she won’t be able to stay with me. My poor baby still needs her mamma but I know she’ll have fun with Abuelita!


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