T minus 5 weeks and counting..

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As of yesterday, I’m at 35 weeks. I have been nesting like a mad woman. Cleaning out closets, toys and doing loads of laundry. I feel there’s still so much to do and so little time. However, I’m doing so much at once that I’m tiring out pretty fast. So, slowly… I’m trying to finish up. We’ve gotten all of Valentina’s old clothes and washed them. (They are on Day #3 of drying) Carlo and I went to the basement to get the stroller and finally put away our Christmas decor.

Now I have to start packing my hospital bag, and then continue making room for things. I have so much stuff in my closet that I don’t use. I’m debating to give away or save some of my shoes/boots and purses. I just bought a new pair of boots and a new purse and have no where to put them. I also need to finish the Tulle Wreath I made to display at the hospital.

Somehow I’ve managed just well and even started back at reading, knitting a scarf that I started 2 years ago, made 2 pairs of leg warmers, worked on some pictures, finished a Valentine’s wreath for our front door, and finished a post at TurinLove. Let’s not forget that I’ve actually managed to cook more than “the usual” stuff. Carlo has been very impressed.

I also managed to clean off my desk but then it got cluttered with all of my projects. I decided to try and make an camera bag insert so that I can just put my camera and lens into any purse instead of buying a camera bag.

Crazy?!… just a bit!

One thought on “T minus 5 weeks and counting..

  1. sheesh, and I thought I was nesting because I cleaned out a closet, that's ONE closet yesterday. haha. I hope this delivery is great for you. We'll see who goes into labor first! =)


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