Day Trip: Bardonecchia

Turin is perfectly situated in the Northwest corner of Italy which makes it a fantastic base for taking day trips to some of Italy most beautiful places.  Only an hour and a half by train (90km from Turin), Bardonecchia is a quaint mountain town perfect for those who love to hike and ski. 

In 2006, Bardonecchia hosted the Snowboarding events during the Winter Olympic Games. The town is full of charm and breathtaking views. However, you’ll need to remember that the city’s tourism is mainly from skiing and hiking so, going to visit during the off season will be a different. IMG_8941-1

Going in the offseason does have it’s advantages. You’ll be able to take photos galore of the scenery without having to worry about random people walking by. 




To find out more about Bardonecchia, visit their official website here and Winter/Summer events here.


3 thoughts on “Day Trip: Bardonecchia

  1. Salve,

    Sono americana e abito a Firenze, pero Turin e` splendida! 🙂 Spesso la gente non capisce , “ma e` triste” “industriale” “grigio”… invece no, no, no! Bisogna andarci a vedere! Io penso che Piazza San Carlo sia la piu elegante in Italia. ci sono stata 3 volte e mi trovo sempre bene….gente simpatica, la citta ben tenuta, buona cucina, per non parlare del bicerin! 🙂

    comunque, trovo ‘sto sito molto utile e lo controllero` la prossima volta che salgo!

    Thanks for making this site!


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