3 years of Italian Livin’

This morning, Carlo, Valentina and I were walking back from the Hospital (had to get some blood work done) when I realized that TODAY.. Carlo and I had arrived 3 years ago to start our life in Bella Italia. I remember the day like it was yesterday. With our bags, walking out of Caselle Airport, Carlo asked me if I was ready for the cold. I say yes and then we stepped out to seems like a Winter Wonderland. There was snow everywhere and it was FREEZING!!!

I’ve since gotten used to carrying my groceries 7 blocks back home. I’ve gotten used to carrying a stroller up and down stairs and squeezing into a tiny elevator, as well as using fresh, natural ingredients while cooking. Perhaps the best part of the last 3 years.. aside from eating gelato and pizza and STILL LOSING WEIGHT without trying, is becoming a Mom in a country that does things completely different from what I’m used to. You know what.. I like it better here. I’m not gonna lie.

I like being able to walk home from the hospital after having a baby (naturally- no pain meds AT ALL). I like that no one judges you for taking your small child out of the house in the winter even when they’re 2 weeks old. No on gives you a second look when you Breast feed in public. Playing in fountains is second nature. You make you’re own baby food and as a result, kids eat better and in my case actually enjoy veggies!

The 2nd best thing about living here is that my quality of life has improved. I’ll say it… it has saved my life. I’ve had to change the way I eat. The way I shop and basically change my life. As I mentioned, I walk to and from the store. We still don’t have a car. At first, I would pull a small cart, now I have a stroller and have to carry the bags around. Within 15 minutes of walking distance, I have: 2 big parks, several small play areas (included 2 across the street), 5 grocery stores, a hospital, a neighborhood market, bakeries, plenty of places for gelato and 2 pizzerias that we really like. We also have a metro stop and several bus lines to take us where ever we need to go.

With all of this, my first few months were a shock to my system. I lost 15 lbs in 3 months. I wasn’t trying to lose weight. I’m still not trying to lose weight. It just happens. Especially now, chasing Valentina around has really gotten me into shape. Being 8 months pregnant, I’ve only gained 7 kilograms (15 lbs) and believe me.. I eat! I measure my weight loss by the clothes I want to wear. With Valentina, I was able to wear some clothes until about 5-6 months. Now, I can still wear “regular” clothes and even wear them in smaller sizes.  I’m really excited to see what my body is going to look like after Elisabetta is born!!

People tell me how lucky I am to live in Italy.. and I am. I know it. It hasn’t always been easy. Sometimes, I have to go a day without gelato!

4 thoughts on “3 years of Italian Livin’

  1. Auguri!!! You're so lucky!!!!!! I must admit, being there is so much fun!!!! I love the exercise I do, with all the walking. xoxoxo


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