Just an hour and a half from my fair city is Bardonecchia. A small mountain retreat in the Alps and quite possibly a hop, skip and a jump from the French border. Since Bardonecchia is in the Alps it is the perfect place for your Ski trip. Lucky for us, it wasn’t ski season yet so the town was practically empty and most stores were closed.

Valentina usually gets excited when she sees a picture of an animal, however she wasn’t too keen on this cow on skis. In fact she was kinda scared..

That is until daddy got a hold of her and then she was kissing the cow and saying ‘moo’.

Everywhere you look, you see gorgeous mountains covered in snow. It was cold and windy but not enough to spoil the day.

The battery on my mom’s camera died so, I was the designated photographer for the day. She really thought this little Gelato truck was cute so, I had to take a picture of it.

We walked for a while and made our way into the city. We located a church which I could only guess is probably the main church. We sat and rested our feet….while Carlo went inside to sneak a peek.

Someone really needed a nap and enjoyed it a lot. She was all bundled up and slept in the sun like a true Italian.

As I mentioned, since the city is practically closed there wasn’t much to see or do but we managed to find a restaurant to have lunch before hoping back on the train. Valentina had a lot of fun walking with her Abuelos.

and of course playing with daddy.

Carlo and I were originally supposed to come during the summer when the city is hosting all of the hikers that arrive but decided to wait. I’m glad we did.

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