The Grandparents came to visit!

My lack of Facebook-ing and also blogging for the last 2 weeks can only mean one thing… FAMILY IS IN TOWN!

My parents came to visit us for 2 weeks and even thought it rained everyday for the first week, we were busy out on the town. I was seriously exhausted every. single. day. In fact, Carlo and I joke that I can finally relax and rest… which is exactly what was supposed to have happen with my parents here.
It was no surprise that Valentina easily recognized them and didn’t freak out for the fact there were here in person.. and not on the computer. She showed them her toys and books and after a few minutes was just acting as if she saw them all of the time.
I tried to take as many pictures as I could but I was constantly in the kitchen or just way too tired. However, I finally managed to get them to one of my favorite places….
Cinema Museum:
I’ve taken my parents to Torino’s most famous landmark- The Mole Antonelliana but they’ve actually never been to the Cinema Museum which is what it’s famous for. This is one museum I don’t mind visiting more than once. If you look at everything, it takes about 2-3 hours to see it from beginning to end. I love being able to show people how fun museums can be… especially when it’s about Cinema!!

The museum begins very scientifically by showing how our eyes see lights and images. Then it’s onto photography, stills, slides, etc.. basically starting from the beginning of moving images to actual film.

Afterwards, it’s the movie memorabilia and posters. Here you’ll  see things like the MGM lion..
and photos of Marilyn Monroe.. along with some of her personal items

Then it’s to the exhibition room. 3 floors of whatever the current exhibition may be. Right now, it’s ‘America America’: works by Director Robert Altman. There are a lot of posters as well as photos from his film career. After the exhibition, there’s one more part of the museum. There are several rooms where you can sit and watch clips of different movies. Valentina really enjoyed the animation room. (The room with the Wile E. Coyote door!

We took a couple of day trips while there were here as well but those will be featured in another post!

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