Baby Names for Baby #2

We went for our 2nd trimester sonogram last saturday and the results are in…

it’s a girl!

Honestly, I’m sad that it’s not a boy. I’m not gonna lie. I was really hoping it would be a boy since this pregnancy is SO different from Valentina. I’m still nauseous, I’m finally getting my appetite back, still congested, AND… still craving meat.

BUT….. We’re super duper excited for Valentina. She’s going to have a little sister to play with. They can play with Barbies together!! This thought alone has me thrilled to have another girl. Well.. that and the idea that we don’t have to buy ANYTHING for the new baby.

My only dilemma is… We don’t have a name yet. With Valentina, we had her name already picked out at this time. We have our boy name, that didn’t change but since we didn’t think we were having another girl, we didn’t give too many thoughts into girl names. We’ve been calling the baby Charlie because the boy name would be Carlo Alberto. Carlo = Charles = Charlie. I also like the idea of having a boy name as a girl nickname. One name we’re considering is Carlotta. Carlotta = Charlotte =  Charlie.

I’m not completely sold on Carlotta so here are the names:

Vittoria (added tonight)

We also have a list of Middle names to consider:


I want my baby’s first name to be Italian. No compromise on that. I would also like her middle name to be American/English. She has to represent both of her Nationalities. Choosing Valentina’s name was a breeze, this one is proving to be a bit more difficult. I don’t really have a favorite yet but as for middle names, I’m leaning toward Violet or Lucy. Violet because I’m due in February and her birthstone would be Amethyst (aka Purple = Violet) but also to be the same as Valentina. Having a “color” name. Jade/Violet. I love Lucy because.. DUH!! Who doesn’t love Lucy! My favorite TV character would make a great middle name AND… it’s also played in the roll of choosing Valentina’s name!

I’ve started writing all of the names down with different combinations.. We’ll see how this goes!

Let me know what you think!!

8 thoughts on “Baby Names for Baby #2

  1. I like Elizabetta a lot. All the middle names work well too. Congrats on the girl! I agree that boys are fun, but your little girls will LOVE each other! {most of the time, right?}


  2. My oldest is named Catherine for her grandmother, Caterina. My Sophia almost had the middle name of Rose, which is nice.
    How about Chiara Rose???
    take care!!


  3. My grandomother's name was Vittoria. Not only she was resolute in about she planned in her life but definitely beautiful. So Vittoria is my vote but however you will name her she'll be wonderful !


  4. congratulations!!! I love Carlotta and Isotta!
    oh two girls… they will have such fun together :))

    ps. sorry for the world's latest comment! just crawling out from under a rock!


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