My days with V..

I’m in serious need for some Vitameatavegamin. I have NO energy.  Chasing a kid around the house ALL the live long day is exhausting. Add a baby in the belly and you can imagine what I’m talking about. I wake up nauseated and immediately need to drink Sparkling water. It’s the only thing that helps me. As soon as I make breakfast, I’m sneezing and blowing my nose for a good 10 minutes. By that time, V is done with breakfast and I go to the computer to catch up on news. (more importantly, Pinterest) V is running around and decides she wants to sit on my lap and stick her hand down my shirt while she watches TV.
I haven’t even finished my breakfast and it takes me forever to do so. By the time I’m done, it’s been an hour since we got up. I’ve got the usual routine. Bed making, wash dishes, laundry, etc…
It’s 9:51am now and I’ve managed to do the dishes, make the bed, start a load of laundry and was only interrupted twice for Bubbles. (this girl loves her some bubbles) During this time, I also tried to lay down for a few minutes but the sound of her banging toys on the coffee table where the TV is has me back on my feet. I still need to take a shower and put away the laundry that I moved from the couch to my bed. I’ll have to wait until Teletubbies comes on to take a shower since Bo is already almost over. Otherwise, my shopping schedule is going to be completely out of whack.
On my way to the bedroom, I got asked to blow MORE bubbles. She got tired after a whole minute and left. I went to put some laundry away and I hear Teletubbies starting. She’s in the playpen now and I’m going to finally have a shower….. at 10:05am.
As I’m getting up, V starts to get upset. She doesn’t like it when the real kids are on Teletubbies. I grab a DVD (UP) and she smiles. I set it up to play in English… and I’m off to the shower… at 10:09.. ignoring the fit she’s about to throw.
The laundry is done but it will have to wait until after I’m done getting dressed. Oh now, V sees me and wants to get out. She’s laying in her playpen crying. I pick her up and we go into the kitchen to get our morning snack. We eat and watch UP. It’s now 11am and we MUST leave now. We go to the ATM, get cash and I make a quick stop at Basketmania and check out their window display…. because I saw Mavs gear!!  I go to the store and V starts crying because she sees the playground and she wants to go. I get my things and get in the CASH ONLY line. Of course there is a family who wants to pay with card and now have to take all of their stuff and go to another line.
It’s 11:30 and I go back home to drop off our stuff and leave V in the stroller since we’re walking back out the door. I have to get to the Butcher and dry cleaners before they close. I make it in time but there is a lady at the Butchers that is ordering the whole store. She takes forever. It’s 12 noon and I’m still waiting to be served. Finally I get my 1kg (2.2 lbs) of hamburger meat and walk to the cleaners. It’s 12:15 and they’re still open. I get Carlo’s pants and we walk home. V’s asleep and I take my time walking home.
It’s 12:25 and I put my bags down, take of V’s shoes and put her in her crib. She immediately wakes up crying. I walk out of the room to put my meat in the fridge, come back and pick her up. She realizes that her favorite cartoon is on and she’s wide awake, but wants to cuddle. So, now I’m typing one handed while I cuddle with my monkey.
I stuck her back in the crib so I could type faster and she’s crying… I know she’s tried. Hopefully I can get her to go back to bed. 12:45 pm and we haven’t had lunch and my clothes are still in the washing machine waiting to be hung to dry. *SIGH*
I gave up at 13:05 (1:05 pm) pulled the blinds up and got V’s shoes on. It’s lunch time and we’re both hungry. As I’m making lunch, I hand her a cracker. She’s walking around saying “yummy” and then stops and has a serious look on her face.  Ugh… stinky poopy diaper change. I change her, wash my hands and now it’s time to eat. We continue to watch UP and enjoy our lunch. She is loving Tuna Fish sandwich and Ritz crackers with cheese. She’s done eating and I’m finishing what she didn’t want. It’s 13:54 and my laundry is still in the washing machine.
I found V laying on the floor and I pull her up and ask her what she’s doing. It sounded like she said, “None of your business.” I laughed and she gave me a big kiss.
14.02 and lunch is over. 14.32- I finally got the laundry hung outside and a new load in the machine. I had to put V in the playpen so that I could do it. I’ve had a sharp pain in my back all day long. I’m going to attempt to put V to take a proper nap.
This is where I just stopped. I rented Bridesmaids and tried to get her to sleep with no luck. Carlo came home from hiking and immediately took V to his mom’s house. He told me to finish my movie, rest and he’d be back in an hour or so.  I finished the movie (the last 5 minutes), picked up the toys, hung out clothes, and started dinner. It was almost 19.00 (7pm) when they came back. I feed V and then left her to play in her room and then playpen while I made crepes for dessert. At 20.00 (8pm) I gave her a bath and rocked her to sleep. By 20.45 (8:45) she was OUT.Then it was dinner time for me and Carlo. We had Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joe Sandwiches with fries and Crepes for dessert. I went to bed at 23.00 (11pm) with dishes in the sink and the table dirty with dinner items. Carlo told me the next day that I was snoring about 2 minutes after my head hit the pillow.

This is my day up until the Carlo homes home part. That’s different every night. But until then, Monday- Friday and sometimes Saturdays… this is it. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

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