Cravings with Baby #2

I’m at 15 weeks now and the cravings are really setting in now. Earlier this week, a friend posted a comment on Facebook about having a lot of ground beef and needing recipe ideas.  That’s all it took and now I just want meat. I don’t want hamburgers though. I want meat with a sauce but only that. So, I made a ragu alla bolognese. Instead of eating it with pasta, I just wanted a bowl of it and ate it with bread.

At lunch, I made Valentina and I Grilled Cheese Sandwiches… with Ragu. It was more like Grilled Sloppy Joes with cheese and the were AWESOME! V ate an entire sandwich! She’s never done that before. Tonight we had sliced baked potatoes… with ragu.
 *grazie google images
After 2 days, I’m still craving meat. I think I’ll make some chili and eat more Sliced Baked Potatoes!

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