5 weeks… and 5lbs later… (Part 5)

The final week of our US trip was filled with last minute visits and shopping.
Sunday, we made a quick trip to Dallas to visit my Aunts (Dad’s sisters). I love spending time with them; it always feels like home.. especially because they always have something to eat!
Valentina had her very first and last Chicken nuggets as well as a kids meal. She did great and ate most of it. She was mostly excited about the new book she got!
Our last long distance drive was to visit the Rodriguez Family. Bert was a co-worker of Carlo’s and the last time we saw them was 2 years ago when they were in Italy.
A trip to Texas could not be complete without a night with my best gal Joni! She’s one of the greatest friends ever and I am so happy we got to spend some time together.
My last night out was spent without Valentina. I met some of my old co-workers for dinner. I felt so frumpy next to them. They had gotten dressed up and I was sportin’ the ‘mom’ look.
Sunday after church, we had some friends come over as well as Dulce and Jimmy. It was nice to spend some more quality time with them since we hadn’t done much of it before their wedding.
Valentina’s last night was spent just the way she liked it… Wet! While outside with her cousins, she thought she’d go ahead and have some fun with the water hose. She threw a fit when I brought her inside.. but got over it quickly.
And that… dear readers, concludes our 5 week trip to the States. It’s taken a long time to finally catch up but as you can see, it was a very busy trip.


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