5 weeks… and 5lbs later… (Part 4)

Week 4 was non stop crazy! I think I only had one day this entire trip that I didn’t leave the house. I didn’t even shower or change out of my pajamas.

Monday- We went to visit my friend Tiffany and her sweet twins Amelie & Desmond. They were born at 32 weeks (Tiffany- please correct me if I’m wrong) and they are the cutest babies! I cried when I saw them because they are so special. I remember reading Tiffany’s blog post about their struggle with getting pregnant and I cried then. I feel very honored that I got to spend some time with them.

After our visit, we drove across the free way and made a quick stop to the cemetery. This was the first time Valentina got to “meet” my maternal grandparents.
Then we went to our “American Mecca” aka NorthPark Mall and V got her ears pierced!!
Wednesday- I drove up to Dallas again, and dropped by my old job. It was so weird driving in downtown Dallas again. It felt so odd. I knew where I was, but I felt so out of place. Once I got to the office it was almost like home again. Some of the staff are still there but the majority are new folks. I didn’t get to see 2 of my doctors that I used to schedule for but I did get to spend time with Dr L. He is one of the most well known and respected doctors in North Texas.. and also one of the nicest men you’ll ever meet. I love him!
Thursday- We had our first official play date with some of my friends from church. We went to the Children’s Aquarium at Fair park in Dallas…and all of the girls had a blast!
We topped it off with lunch at McDonalds.
Valentina, Meg, Stella & Skylar
Friday- Another day of swimming with the cousins!
Our trip is almost over! One more week!.. Stay tuned for part 5!

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